About me

Albae Mostazovska
Illustration, painting and amateur printmaking.

I'm an half-animal female who lives in Spain. 
Drawing is one of my primary vital functions. 
I'm hardly interested in the spiritual freedom and purity closely associated with the nudity aesthetics, the secrets hidden in Alchemy,  the mediæval period, the Ancient prerroman Iberia, the ancient indoeuropean idols and gods and the primitive art, shamanism and the forgotten connection with the wild side of ourselves.

Mail: un.mirlo.azul@gmail.com


          2014- 2015    Master's Degree in Artistic Production, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain).
          2011- 2014   Degree in Fine Arts, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain).
          2009- 2011   Fine Arts, UMH Altea (Spain).


           2015 "Pinceladas Colectivas", collective exhibition, "Imprevisual Galería" (Valencia, Spain).
                     "Pinceladas Colectivas", collective exhibition at the celebration of the V Bienal of Art and Design and Festival De Par en                            Par-t, "Sala Fortunato" (Buñol, Spain).

          2013 "I Salón Neosimbolista", collective exhibition, "Centro Cultural La Corrala"
                    (Madrid, Spain). (LINK) 

           2011 “De lo infinito a lo infinitesimal”, collective exhibition, "Centro Municipal de las Artes"
                    (Alicante, Spain). (LINK) 


          2015  Artwork for the label GH Records compilation "The Graal: A tribute to the Holy Grails". (LINK)
                     Artwork for the album of Portuguese band Urze de Lume "Caminhos da Urze". Soliferro Label.
                     Artwork for the Finnish band Carved in Ashes album "Still Frozen Waters".

           2013 Collaboration in Infame Fanzine #5: "Muertes infames" (autoedited fanzine). (LINK)
                     Collaboration in Acuda Asociación de Arte, "Pinceladas colectivas", Annex #66. (LINK)

           2010 Collaboration in Artea Fanzine no 2, 3 & 4 (autoedied univertitary magazine). (LINK to #2)


          2015  Foundation of the label ":HILDISVINI:" a project of traditional and handmade silkscreening on textiles around the 
                     concepts of European Paganism, Nature and Iberian Tradition.